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Wholesale Grand Fir Christmas Trees

Grand Fir Christmas trees are beautiful, extremely fragrant, fully shaped trees. Grand Fir have glossy dark green needles that are arranged in flat arrays on the twigs giving a very graceful appearance to the tree.

Grand Fir Christmas Trees in the field

Grand Fir needlesGrand Fir Christmas trees are well shaped trees that are very full on all sides. And the Grand Fir scent really is incredible! Crush just a few needles between your fingers to get a sample of that wonderful fragrance. It has a powerful citrus-like evergreen aroma and is, by far the most fragrant Christmas tree.

Tolerating cold temperatures well makes Oregon Grand Fir Christmas trees a favorite at Christmas tree lots in the interior states. Santa & Sons has supplied wholesale Grand Fir to Christmas tree lots in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and California.

Mark with one of last years Grand Fir Christmas TreesGrand Fir Christmas trees have been grown in Oregon since the 1960's. Today’s Grand Fir seed sources from northern Idaho have dramatically improved needle retention and in home performance during the Christmas holiday. Grand Fir Christmas tree farms are inspected throughout the spring and summer months to be sure that only clean, healthy trees are tagged to harvest for Santa & Sons Christmas Trees.

Wholesale Grand Fir Christmas trees at the Oregon tree farm

Wholesale Grand Fir picked up in Los Angeles, CA


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Wholesale Douglas Fir Christmas Trees

In the West and across the southern tier of the United States, Oregon Douglas fir Christmas trees remain a perennial favorite and a standard item on most Christmas tree lots.

Duoglas Fir Chritmas tree field

An example of the Douglas Fir needlesDouglas fir Christmas trees fir have a uniform tapered shape and a full bushy appearance with upright branches that leave plenty of room for regular size Christmas ornaments and lights. Douglas fir have very fine soft green needles with a distinct pine like scent.

Douglas fir remains the most popular Christmas tree in some markets. Although now represent a much smaller share of the overall market, over the years Santa & Sons has Douglas Fir Christmas treesupplied wholesale Douglas Fir Christmas trees in truckload quantities to tree lots in Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Arizona, Nevada and California.

Oregon Christmas tree farms in the Willamette Valley have grown wholesale Douglas fir Christmas trees since the 1950's. Soil and climate conditions there on the Douglas fir plantations are perfect for producing healthy, high quality trees.


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