Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which type of Christmas trees are the most popular?
In West Coast and Southern markets, Noble Fir is definitely the most popular species, accounting for over half of all sales at most tree lots. Nordmann Fir is next followed closely by Douglas Fir, with each accounting for about 15% - 20% of trees sold. Table size trees of any species will usually be about 10% of the total.

Q: Can I buy a single Christmas tree and get it shipped to my home via UPS?
No, we are a wholesale only farm and do not ship individual trees direct from the farm. However in Los Angeles, CA, Santa & Sons Christmas Trees does operate one retail Christmas tree lot located in the San Fernando Valley where individuals can buy a Christmas tree grown at our farm. Home delivery is available in the greater Los Angeles area and you can order online.

Q: How many Christmas trees will fit in a truck?
A semi-truck with a 53 foot trailer will hold approximately 400 to 500 trees. Including taller trees reduces that total number very quickly. One 9’ foot tree equals two 6’ foot trees when it comes to shipping. Ordering lots of smaller trees will push the total number up. The largest Penske, Budget or U-Haul rental trucks hold about one third as many, up to about 200 trees.

Q: Do I have to provide my own trucks to purchase trees from Santa & Sons?
Securing reliable transportation is essential in the Christmas tree industry, which due to its highly seasonal shipping period faces extraordinary swings in the cost and availability of commercial trucks. We can work with you to find a reliable freight solution, but freight providers are independent carriers and Santa & Sons cannot guarantee any third party’s performance.

Q: Can I bring my own truck to pick up the Christmas trees at the farm in Oregon?
Yes, we encourage you to bring your own truck, truck and trailer, or rental truck to pick up Christmas trees at the farm in Oregon. Our crews will load the trees onto your vehicle.

Q: I am not in Southern California. Can I get 200 trees shipped to my tree lot?
Unfortunately, there really is no practical, economical way to ship LTL (less than a load) of Christmas trees very far. Occasionally, for loads going only as far as Northern California independent haulers are available using 26’ trucks.

Q: Do you sell any live trees with roots?
No, we only sell cut Christmas trees. For live trees appropriate to your area the best bet is probably a local plant nursery.

Q: How tall a Christmas tree do most people buy?
The 6' - 7' size is most common, followed by the 7' - 8' and 5' - 6' sizes. The proportion of the various sizes will vary with the homes in the market area. In areas with larger single-family homes, the percentage of taller trees rises. Residential areas comprised of apartments and smaller homes will require more of the shorter trees.

Q: When do most people buy their Christmas tree?
Most Christmas trees are purchased on weekends when families can shop together for their tree. Weekdays are slower by at least half with most of that business concentrated in the afternoons and early evenings. While it varies regionally, the first two weekends of December are typically the busiest sales periods. In colder climates Thanksgiving weekend will be a busy sales period, but in southern markets that is not the case. Conversely, in those warmer market areas the third weekend of December will still be busy.

Q: How many Christmas trees does an average tree lot sell?
A: With so many variables there is, of course, no single answer to this question. The primary variables are location, neighborhood demographics, the size of the retail operation, lighting, easy street access and parking, tree quality and value, customer service levels, competition and much, much more. That is why some tree lots sell 200 trees and others sell 2000. Where your tree lot fits in on that scale is, of course, the $64,000 question.

Q: When do I need to place my order?
A: You should not place your order until you are completely certain that you want all of the Christmas trees you have ordered, as the 10% prepayment is nonrefundable. We recommend that you have the lease or property use arrangements for your sales lot fully executed before placing your order. The best time of year to place your order is between March and July. The final cutoff date for all wholesale orders is September 17th if we have any trees available at that time.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: To place a wholesale order you must print, fill out and sign the Christmas tree purchase agreement. Mail the signed agreement accompanied by a payment for 10% of the total amount due for the non-refundable deposit. Payments should be made out to: Santa & Sons Christmas Trees - 24469 Highway 20, Philomath, OR 97370

For more information call our Oregon farm office (541) 929-3572 or e-mail us at